Business and Employment Law

Business Law and Debt Recovery

At Basten Sneddon, we can advise you on a whole range of matters relating to your business.

This may include advising you on the drafting of business or employment contracts to ensure you are legally protected in potential disputes with clients. One of the main failings of businesses in the UK is the failure to obtain proper advice in relation to the contracts they have entered into, meaning that they are either unable to recover monies that may be due to them or they incur unforeseen liabilities.

A further area in which we have considerable experience, is in relation to the recovery of debts. Many businesses when they are owed money by customers, simply write off the debt because they are concerned about the legal costs in recovering the debt. We at Basten Sneddon pride ourselves on making sure that if you pursue your debts that you will recover a significant percentage of the monies due to you even after your legal fees are paid. We can discuss various fee options with you in relation to such work.

When commercial relationships break down or businesses fail, it is important to obtain advice on your legal responsibilities. We have successfully acted for clients in partnership or company disputes following the failure of their business and guided them through what can be a complex and stressful process for them.

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