Stephen Morrison

After graduating from Aberdeen University in 1986 and training in Glasgow Stephen has been practising Criminal Defence Law in Dunfermline since 1988. This has covered a whole range of matters from cases in the Justice of the Peace Court through Sheriff Court cases and also involvement in High Court cases.

Indeed Stephen has been involved in the overturning of murder convictions in two separate cases not having been involved in the original trials. One resulted in the Murder conviction being substituted by a Culpable Homicide conviction whilst the other resulted in the Murder conviction being quashed entirely followed by an award of substantial damages as a result of Police misconduct.

Stephen is prepared to defend any and all types of Criminal allegations and client referrals by word of mouth alone are testament to his dedication and professionalism.

Stephen was singled out for particular praise in the case of HMA v  Steven Johnston, when as a result of his tenacity he was able to uncover that police had doctored evidence in a murder trial

In acquitting Mr Johnston the appeal court stated that

“In preparing for the trial Mr Stephen G Morrison, the first appellant’s solicitor, discovered that the defence witnesses who claimed to have seen the deceased alive after 3 November had given information to that effect to the police during the course of the murder enquiry. Mr Morrison was concerned that the police had not conveyed this information to the procurator fiscal. After the trial he did not let the matter rest. He is to be commended for his professionalism”

The full details of this appeal can be read at

It is because of this thorough approach adopted by Stephen that he is often sought out to deal with the most serious cases

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